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  • 2019 Tax School
  • Beginners to Intermediate
  • Learn a Basic Understand of Income Tax Preparation and Starting a Tax Business
  • Get an Overview of the New form 1040 (Newest Changes and all schedules)
  • TCJA 2019 Changes to include Sec 199A QBI (New Forms)
  • Form Schedule A Itemized Deductions
  • Form Schedule C Business (Self-Employment)
  • Opening a New Tax Office what you MUST KNOW


And Much More. This is a tax school like never before. If you’re just starting a start business or you’ve been in the tax industry for years you will gain by attending this never before tax school.

The biggest error of 2019 is that you probably did not implement many of the opportunities available to your tax office.

Most people believe that when they go open their taxes office…

…they start on equal footing as any other tax office…. What they didn’t know was…… See you in class!

We specialize in tax debt programs that could save you thousands if you qualify


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ProTaxLink Works is fully integrated with the following banks offering refund settlement products.

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