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PROTAXLINK-TS includes free e-filing, unlimited 1040 program and all states. In addition, PROTAXLINK-TS comes with the Paper Cut module which allows you to operate a paperless office.

  • Complete 1040 & Business Software
  • Built-in Document Manager
  • Signature PAD & Scanner Integration
  • Taxpayer Remote Signature
  • Integrated Text Messaging

Taxpayer Mobile App

  • Branded with your logo
  • Clients can start/update tax returns
  • Taxpayers can upload supporting documentation to tax preparer
  • Remote signature capture
  • And much more…..

Remote Signature Capture

  • Save time by completing the tax return without the need to have the taxpayer/spouse in your office
  • Give your customers the convenience of finalizing the tax return from the comfort of their home
  • Signed Return is securely sored within Professional Tax Software for easy access at a later date.

All the Solutions You Need to Guarantee A Successful Season

We deliver the best innovative software in the industry. We provide the #1 software, designed for Tax Professionals like you, who are looking for speed, accuracy, dependability, ease of use, paperless office, and control regardless of volume.

Multi-Office Management

Owning and operating a single location tax business is a challenge, but running a multi-location tax business presents a whole other set of challenges that we have solutions for.

Text Messaging

Top of mind awareness is a key factor in client retention and new customer acquisition. Come tax time your customers are being messaged non stop by your competition via t.v., radio and even their social media feeds. The only thing better than that is the ability to send personalized text messages to the thing that never leaves their side – their cell phone.

Paperless Office

Each of our software solutions come equipped with it’s own flavor of our paperless solution!


  • Free E-Filing
  • Unlimited 1040 Program
  • Integrated Corporate Program
  • All States
  • Comprehensive Depreciation Module
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Paperless Office Solution


One of a company’s most valuable assets is it’s brand. Having a strong brand improves recognition, inspires trust, supports your advertising, generates customer acquisition, inspires employees and eliminates confusion.

Online Software Product

  • Free E-Filing
  • Unlimited 1040 Program
  • All States
  • Comprehensive Depreciation Module
  • Unlimited Technical Support
  • Paperless Office Solution
  • Multi Data Input
  • Multiple Language Options


Integrated banks

ProTaxLink Works is fully integrated with the following banks offering refund settlement products.