Training Prospective Immigration Consultant

Learn how to Complete Immigration Forms and Prepare a Submission Package According to USCIS Requirements.

We are enriched by immigrants, and immigration continues to be an important facet of our culture. Immigration consultants assist clients and family with the non-legal immigration process. They are knowledgeable about immigration and visa laws, and application processes for various types of visa. You can achive Good-Paying Opportunities in a very lucrative business and the work can be truly rewarding.

ProTax Link works exclusively with Tax Professionals and Document Preparer Companies. We help prepare you to deliver excellent service ,complete necessary forms and help obtaining the proper immigration documents on behalf of the clients. Also ensuring that the process is as quick and efficient as possible.. We need more trusted & reliable people that will help make a difference.

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Our Immigration Consultant training is an intensive, hands-on course highlighting the most relevant matters of immigration, including:

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  • Introduction to Immigration Law
  • Ethics and Professional Conduct
  • Most common immigration form used. (We will review each form line by line) Citizenship (Form N-400), Green Card (Form I-485), Petition for Alien Relative (I-130), Fiance Visa (I-129F), Green Card Renewal (Form I-990), Remove the Conditions on Permanent Residence (Form I-751), Work Permits (Form I-765), Request for Waiver (Form I-912), Adjustment to Status and much more.
  • Refugees, Protected Persons, and Application Processes
  • Learn how to Market a Immigration Consultant Business
  • We have English & Spanish Classes


Tax Services Live Classes or Webinar Price $695
Tax Services Live Classes or Webinar Price $595


Protaxlink is not affiliated with the USCIS or any government agency. We are not a law firm. Information and training classes presented are not legal advice and do not substitute the advice, guidance or recommendations that a licensed attorney can provide. Immigration Consultants are not attorneys and may not provide legal advice. Laws pertaining to immigration consultants vary state by state. Check with your state to determine your state laws.


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